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How does it work? 

 After we review your health history and your personal goals, we will form a weight loss plan with you that best supports your individual goals. Each medication offers different effects ranging from appetite control, controlling binge cravings and fat digestion inhibitors. 

  • Medication options include: 

    • GLP-1 agonist 

    • Dual-acting GLP-1 and GIP receptor agonist

    • Pancreas Lipase Inhibitors

    • ​Sympathomimetic medications

** A diagnosis of Diabetes type 2, is not required to start a weight loss plan **


" I have tried many fad diets and workout plans over the years but this time it feels different! I am down 23 pounds in 11 weeks" 

" I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and I was prescribed me the old medication for diabetes. I heard about this program through a friend.  Since starting this medication a month ago, I am down 30 pounds, I can't wait for my primary care doctor to recheck my hemoglobin A1C"

" Over the last year I have had such lower back pain, and I gained about 50 pounds. So far I am down 46 pounds after starting my medication! I am feeling better and all my friends notice."

14-Week Journey

Month 1

  • Initial consultation to discuss goals and health history- video visit​​​​

  • In person appointment to review lab work, physical exam and initiate medication therapy

    • Before discussing medication regimen, required lab testing will need to be completed​

  • Review personal goals 

  • Understand your diet and exercise plan 

  • Start weight loss medication if clinically indicated (first medication pen will last 6 weeks)

Month 2

  • Telemedicine or in-person appointment 

  • Review side effects

  • Increase to maintenance dose 

  • obtain second first of medication therapy ( will last 8 weeks)

Month 3

  • Telemedicine or in-person appointment 

  • Review your personal goals

  • Start to notice health changes

  • Review vital signs 

  • Medication adjustment (*change therapy if needed) 

Month 4

(weeks 13 and 14)

  • Telemedicine or in-person appointment 

  • How much weight have you lost? 

  • Continue medication? increase dose? 

  • Change therapy?

  • How do we maintain new weight?


  • Accepted insurances will be billed for monthly visits

  • First 4 weeks of prescribed GLP-1 medication will be reduced to $275 or less-These prices are subject to change

    • Fees can be paid with debit, credit, cash, HSA funds and  afterpay**

  • Fees are reduced for approved Medicaid/Medicare recipients

    • insurance will be billed directly ​ 

  • In efforts to reduce cost, medications are shipped directly to our main office

  • Lab fees are not included in monthly fees

  • If your health insurance plan is not accepted, all in-person and telemedicine visits are $100/per visit

  • Patients who are greater than 50 miles away can take advantage of our telemedicine options, additional fees may apply

  • *Medication cost are paid in one  installment 

  • **If you opt for after pay, there will be an additional $21.50 added to the total balance 

GLP-1 medications are usually $1,400/monthly without insurance approval. We have been graced to work with pharmacies who can offer this medication at a significant discount!

Meal and Workout Plans

Lifting Kettlebells

Consult with an ACE certified personal trainer.

 Only $100- one time fee.


  • Work out plan 

  • Meal Plan 

  • Two personal training sessions

To make an appointment, please call 585-340-6940 or use the online scheduling widget below. 

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