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Below you can find a list of most common questions and frequently asked questions. 

Most common questions:

How much does joining cost? 

Our office accepts a range of government and commercial insurance plans. We will first review if we accept your insurance, if not we offer cash and HSA options. Our initial telemedicine visit and monthly visits  are  $100 without insurance. 

Can I use my FSA account? 

Yes, we accept HSA/FSA funds. 

What's not included? 

Lab fees are not billed by our office and are billed by the independent offices. All patients will be required to have lab work completed and reviewed prior to starting medications.  

How much will medication cost? 

The prices may vary based on updated pricing from our partner pharmacies. Please discuss this during your first visit. 

How much weight will I lose? 

Data suggest that when patients are started are GLP-1 medications, they can expect to see a 10%-15% body fat loss in 6 months. Our patients have reported a 8-10 pound weight loss per month for the first 2 months and then  1.5-2 pounds per week thereafter. 

Do I have to workout? 

While working out is not REQUIRED, we do recommend a healthy balanced diet and some activity to improve results. We have partnered with local personal trainers who offer a great package to get your journey started. The package includes: a meal plan, work out plan and two personal training sessions. 

What if I get started and can't continue due to cost?

If you are started on therapy and can't continue due to cost, contact someone in our office. We often can offer coupons, afterpay payment plans or other tools to keep you on the right track! 

Is this FDA approved? 

Yes, medications for weight loss have been around for decades. Many insurance plans don't cover them due to high cost. We have paired with local and national pharmacies that are able to offer medications at reduced cost. Typical cost for GLP-1 medications can be around $1500 per month, we able to reduce that cost by greater than 75%! 

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